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Dymic Security Systems secures the safety of diverse and distinct premises with integrated electronic solutions from our specialists. Since 2014, we are working towards being India’s best Security Systems Provider.

We endeavor to look for solutions that can resolve your security issues constantly. We carefully review your needs, customize our solutions and integrate them all to monitor and alert you before things go out of hand. Your safety is our utmost priority, and we are dedicated to upholding our responsibility to protect what matters most to you. 

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Our Services

Security Cameras

Capture video footage for surveillance and security purposes to safeguard your premises with High-Tech CCTV Systems

Attendance Solutions

Records employees' physical characteristics such as their fingerprints, face, or iris images into an attendance management database to generate accurate attendance records for payroll planning.

Video Door Phones for residence security

Video Door Phones

Video door phones prevent unauthorized entry and potential security threats by visually verifying the visitors, before granting them access.

Intercom Systems

Helps users to manage calls systematically by routing the incoming calls to the concern extension numbers.

Access Controls

Enable the organization to manage who is authorized to access the corporate premises and resources.

Mobile Network Booster

A device designed to improve the cellular signal strength and quality in areas with weak or poor mobile network coverage.



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